Welcome to Rachael Ross Coaching

I have been coaching leaders and teams for over 20 years now, and my core purpose is to coach leaders to make a quantum leap in their leadership capability.

My coaching  helps them to achieve their highest possible potential. They do this by:

  • Building confidence in their own leadership purpose, values and unique set of skills. They can then express their leadership from a clear and authentic foundation.
  • Developing a much deeper awareness of their own style and the impact they have. They can then powerfully engage with others, whether their boss, their team members or colleagues.
  • Broadening the bandwidth of their communication style, so that they fully develop “emotional and social fluency”as well as strategic and technical intelligence.

Rachael RossThrough their leadership, they will profoundly influence their organisations. Both organisation and leader will then be:-

  • In tune with the changing social and economic climate
  • Leading the way in engaging at a deep level with their people
  • Emotionally intelligent – able to connect with a diverse selection of clients and employees they will encounter in the modern working world
  • Achieving both profit and performance through living their core purpose and values

My coaching is focused in a number of different areas:

  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Led by Values – Leaders and Teams
  • Leadership renewal – Personal Direction
  • Inclusive Leadership for Diversity

You can find out more by visiting the relevant sections of the site.

“I was selling on to existing clients with rigour and success. Coaching helped me to recognize my own strengths at selling and also gave me a focus for fine-tuning my listening and questioning skills. The proof is in the results – I was able to secure £100,000 business in 10 weeks from two important clients.”

AN, Global Consulting Firm