Posted on September 24, 2009 in Articles, Coaching by Rachael

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At the end of a project, a client recently asked me whether it would be OK to book a top up coaching session at some point in the future. This got me thinking.

Towards the end of the coaching assignment, the skilful coach will be pacing their way with the client to make sure that the client is in the best possible place to take her learning onwards and upwards – and taking responsibility for that learning. Any tendency towards dependancy on the coach is not healthy – and this is explored further in the ICF Code of Ethics, of which I am a signatory.

Having said that, my answer was “yes, absolutely.” I believe that an occasional “resource top-up” with a coach you trust and work well with, makes a lot of sense for the individual – and their organisation. Leaders will best serve their organisations, and achieve their own development goals, when they recognise that topping up their resources is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of taking real responsibility for personal resilience and growth.

In order to meet the demands post recession, leaders  will have an increased responsibilty to develop their resources as truly aligned leaders. Coaching is a way of taking time to reflect and recharge, before heading back with renewed purpose, and topped up resources.

(From the world of nature, the lead swan will drop back for a while in the flight formation, to reenergise – a sign of strength or weakness…?)