Posted on September 24, 2009 in Articles, Empathy by Rachael

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Recently I published an article on empathy and emerging leadership with Schneider~Ross, the diversity and change practice I co-founded 20 years ago:

“I believe that we will see a new kind of leadership emerging, “phoenix like”, from the ashes of the current global financial crisis. It is one where a highly prized capability will be empathy. It may not feature in more than a handful of leadership competency frameworks just now – but I believe, increasingly, it will do…”

Here is the full article on empathy and emerging leadership Empathy & Emerging Leadership

Having stepped down from co-leading the day to day running of the diversity practice a few years ago, my work with Schneider~Ross nowadays is as a leadership coach for clients who want to develop their capability as an “inclusive leader”.

I also coach members of the S~R Leadership team, and although I’d hesitate to put it on my formal job description, act as “wise woman” for any member of the wider S~R team who wants some coaching support.