Posted on January 28, 2010 in Articles, Coaching, Inclusive Leadership by Rachael

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One of the themes that comes up again and again with coaching leaders and their teams is feedback. When a client wants to really transform as a leader through coaching, feedback can shift from being something to be faced only when really absolutely necessary to becoming something to be welcomed and a productive source of learning.

One senior exec from an oil industry background turned to his colleagues in a leadership session I was running for them and said:   “Feedback really is the feedstock – it’s the high quality input that’s needed to make the “oil refinery” of our business function. Without it we could be in danger of stopping learning and churning out substandard product.” Nice metaphor!

So how to get really high quality feedback flowing around you organisation? Clients tell me that they are rather tired of expensive and long winded 360 degree feedback processes, so I have designed a very simple and easy to use feedback process, that can be offered – either as part of a coaching or leadership development, or as a stand-alone tool.

The idea is to send out a set of brief questions by email to chosen contacts, usually about 6-8. They can be colleagues, clients, team members and business partners, and even other key contacts outside of work.

The questions simply ask what impact this leader currently has on them – and the respones are purely in words.  I suggest to clients that they treat this seeking of feedback – and the responses they get, as the start of a “courageous conversation”  with each of their contacts – who are, after all, people with whom the leader wants to develop great relationships.

If you would like to find out about how to open up your organisation culture to welcoming feedback exchange as a leaning tool, or to explore how feedback can help you and your team grow and develop, email me here and we’ll start that courageous conversation going.