Posted on December 16, 2010 in Articles, Leadership by Rachael

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For a while now I have been working with a 360 degree feedback tool I designed. It’s for leaders who want to do a deep review of their leadership approach and style, and explore the impact they have on others.

The first stage is a “Reflection” form – a series of questions and a checklist of detailed leadership competencies in what for me are the 4 core areas for leadership: Vision, Engagement, Resilience and Drive.

The second stage is a Feedback form which leaders send out directly to their chosen contacts. Unlike most 360 feedback methods, which are anonymous, this one relies on  – and encourages – open discussion with contacts, and builds the skill of exchanging feedback.

The third stage is a series of coaching sessions which synthesise the views of the coachee and their feedback contacts, and then go on to build confidence in strengths and set development goals for areas to work on.

With lots of practice on real business challenges in between sessions to hone up these skills, powerful conversations with feedback contacts and insights from the coaching sessions, this process can be a powerful engine for personal leadership change.

I have also designed a customised version which specifically targets skills around inclusive leadership and empathy, which is available from Schneider-Ross

If you would like to find out more about the Leadership Feedback Tool or the associated leadership workshops I run on Vision, Engagement, Resilience and Drive, do get in touch.