Posted on July 5, 2013 in Articles, Leadership by Karen

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two people talking at deskOne of the most powerful ways to work with a client who wants to genuinely change the culture and leadership of their organisation, is to design a rich mix of 1:1 learning with a series of short punchy workshops, and plenty of practise in between.

I have worked in this way with several clients recently, and seen some fabulous results. (One recent client said that they thought their move several places up the Sunday Times “Best Places to Work” this year was in part as a direct result of the leadership programme we designed for them!)

This combination of shorter workshops and in-depth 1:1 coaching maximises the impact of the learning, and customises it closely to the individuals’ needs and learning styles. The practise in between is also vital as we know that is how we best learn – experientially.

This approach is also much better value for money than the publically available “one hit” courses which may just miss the mark, or only be useful in part.

Some of the workshop series which I have recently designed include modules on:

  • Building leadership identity, purpose and values
  • Engaging with others through vision and purpose
  • Widening leadership styles – beyond directive and pace setting to include coaching and visionary
  • Building emotional intelligence alongside strategic intelligence
  • Widening the “bandwidth” of communication to increase empathy and build an inclusive culture
  • Managing change and stress at work