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I recently heard an executive being interviewed about his organisation’s problems and the lack of leadership. The top team was criticised for lacking “any curiosity about the situation”.

The ability to remain curious about what surrounds you is, I believe, a key aspect of excellence in leadership and is a mindset that coaching can help bring out and expand in leaders.

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ant colonyOne of the big influences on my leadership coaching and development is “Systems Thinking.” The origins of this powerful approach are from the 1970’s and from the world of therapy, but there has been some wonderful development of this work more recently to apply it to the complex systems that are the organisations we work in.

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woman speakerRecently I ran a three day workshop for leaders who wanted to power up their coaching skills.

One of them said that he wished he had developed “coaching” as a leadership style he could draw on, years before, when he was leading his organisation through rapid change. Although in many ways a successful leader, he recognised that if he had been able to “let go” and see that his micromanaging was not improving the quality of what was being delivered, but actually slowing it down, he would have had a much more relaxed time of it.

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transformationSometimes people ask me what kind of coach are you? One of the words I use to describe my kind of coaching is transformational.

And what does that really mean Rachael?”, a colleague of mine asked recently.

Firstly, I love working with people who want to commit to a journey of self discovery, beyond performance improvement, to make a quantum leap in the way that they lead.

Maybe it sounds a bit arrogant – who am I to think that I can transform anyone?

Well first of all, I don’t transform them. The transformation comes from the client’s learning through the coaching – the insights and connections that they make during our work together.

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Organisations need leaders who are adept at working with people who seem different from themselves – often due to increased work with partners and businesses outside the UK. This allows leaders to truly live their brand as an employer who values diversity.

What is it like to be an inclusive leader – ie someone who really enjoys  – and has great skill at  – leading a diverse team? What are the skills involved? Is it something you could aspire to being?

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One of the themes that comes up again and again with coaching leaders and their teams is feedback. When a client wants to really transform as a leader through coaching, feedback can shift from being something to be faced only when really absolutely necessary to becoming something to be welcomed and a productive source of learning.

One senior exec from an oil industry background turned to his colleagues in a leadership session I was running for them and said:   “Feedback really is the feedstock – it’s the high quality input that’s needed to make the “oil refinery” of our business function. Without it we could be in danger of stopping learning and churning out substandard product.” Nice metaphor!

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At the end of a project, a client recently asked me whether it would be OK to book a top up coaching session at some point in the future. This got me thinking.

Towards the end of the coaching assignment, the skilful coach will be pacing their way with the client to make sure that the client is in the best possible place to take her learning onwards and upwards – and taking responsibility for that learning. Any tendency towards dependancy on the coach is not healthy – and this is explored further in the ICF Code of Ethics, of which I am a signatory.

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snowflakeCoaching is more and more being acknowledged as a core ability for outstanding leadership. Here is Alan Lafley, outgoing CEO of P&G, on his coaching leadership style, which he believes has helped him achieve transformative change at P&G:

“….Coaching at P&G doesn’t mean coddling. On the contrary, Lafley demands that his managers take on the responsibility of making tough strategic choices. “Most human beings and most companies don’t like to make choices. And they particularly don’t like to make a few choices that they really have to live with. They argue, ‘It’s much better to have lots of options, right?'”

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