Posted on December 4, 2013 in Articles, Leadership, Purpose by Karen

Pile of stonesTime feels like it speeds up around this time of the year, doesn’t it? With festivals like Divali and Eid just past, and Christmas festivities to come, we all look forward to celebrating in this, the darkest time of the year.

And in the meantime, there are all those projects to be finished before the deadline of the holiday season. Sometimes we can feel hounded by time itself – there’s just not enough of it between now and the end of the year!

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Times a thief Urgent vs Important

Posted on December 13, 2010 in Articles, Purpose, Values by Rachael

view over mountainOne of the powerful themes that can help clients really focus on what they want in work and life, is to explore the legacy we leave behind us. When we move on from a job, from an organisation or even when we leave a room!

What do people sense about us – do we lift or diminish people? Change a mood for better or worse…?

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