Leadership Renewal – Personal Direction

Leadership Renewal
Finding our compass bearing as a leader is not always straightforward. There are plenty of external and internal pressures and changes which can blow us off course.

However, it is essential that leaders make time to reflect and renew their own sense of purpose and direction. This idea of regular renewal  avoids the necessity for a more disruptive overhaul when external changes and feedback from others have been ignored for too long.

The clearer we are about our own sense of purpose and direction, the easier it is to lead others with an unclouded vision.

Whether at the early stages of a new role, or whenever personal purpose and direction feel a little foggy, it remains  important to articulate what “calls us to make a difference,” and reset our direction.

Through the coaching process I challenge you to articulate  your values, your own unique purpose and how your work is an expression of that.

You will review how you are seen by others you want to influence and collaborate with, and develop goals for the next stage of your own personal development as a leader.

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