Coaching for Leadership and Engagement

Leadership and Engagement

Leaders who can powerfully engage with their people are essential for the success of their organisation. Old fashioned ways of leading by “command and control” no longer work within an organisation where creativity, adaptability, teamwork and diversity are valued.

In order to truly motivate and engage with others, leaders will need to have an up to date portfolio of skills, with some essentials being empathy, deep listening, and an authentic and purpose driven leadership style.  Overall what is needed is an ability to relate to others at an emotional, as well as strategic level.

My coaching supports leaders as they step up onto a wider stage, where it becomes essential for them to stretch their leadership capability, and where they can no longer rely on their technical and strategic capability alone.

Leaders say that as a result of coaching they

  • feel more confident about their own unique style of leadership
  • create stronger, more empathetic relationships with people
  • can tune their leadership to respond to the different styles and needs of their boss, colleagues, and team members
  • can bring about change in others more effectively

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