Associates and Partner Organisations

Associates and Partners
I enjoy collaborating with coaching and consultancy colleagues; together with my network of Associates we are able to work on larger scale projects, and offer a wider set of coaching consultancy skills and experience.

Leadership coaching colleagues include:

Barrie and Clare Smale www.inspired2learn.co.uk

Adrian Goodall www.adriangoodall.co.uk , and

Jacqui Harris  www.auricresults.co.uk

I love pushing out the boundaries of how we can work creatively together; staying true to the passion for our work, experimenting as we ask our clients to do, and being open to feedback and learning.

I am also a Director of Schneider~Ross, an organisation that offers consultancy and personal development in diversity and inclusion. Through this work I collaborate with my colleagues Robin Schneider, Sheridan Allman, John McLellan amongst others.