What my clients say.

Thank you so much for your support along the way, you really helped me discover my self worth as well as ways to present my skills and experiences

Energy Consultant

“It was great working with you Rachael. Thank you for your help and advice…..it has helped me grow.”

Senior leader, global oil industry

Many thanks for your excellent guidance, insight and coaching over the past weeks. I have found the sessions to be extremely enlightening, thought provoking, and the learnings from them will stand me in good stead for years to come.”

PK, city based IT executive

Let me thank you for the great coaching you have given my colleague. It really delivered the agreed objectives.”

Line manager of an Italian coachee, global oil company

You have been very sensitive to my needs and have provided me with a framework on which I can work to improve my working methods.

DS, Director, Government department

The approach is both encouraging and supportive, whilst never losing sight of the objectives, therefore ensuring I remain committed to achieving my goal.

AC, entrepreneur, market research consultancy

The session had great energy and a sense of fun. In the group task, people experienced being innovative in its purest form – no gadgetry – just the energy generated by the group and its ideas.

EH, Director, global energy company

Your style and credibility matched up well with our senior team’s needs.”

TW, global engineering consultancy firm

This style of coaching suits the way I think and learn, letting me explore issues fully before closing down and encouraging me towards action.”

AC, market research consultancy

I appreciate your creative and well structured approach to challenges of personal development and change. Your focus and empathy are very supporting for the process of change. You are a great coach, and a pleasure to work with.”

AW, pharms organisation

I just wanted to thank you for the coaching support you have given me this year. It has been immensely beneficial, and professionally, I have not felt this confident for a long time. Thank you.

AN, global consulting firm

Thank you for your support last week, your gentle and accepting style really supported me shifting to a new place.

DK, trainer and coach

I found the session very positive and worthwhile – the offer of interview came through! I have made it through to the last three candidates. I have since had two further interview requests and been put forward for another two jobs, so all the hard work is starting to pay off. You will have played an integral part of me achieving this.

SL, management consultancy and training firm

The one to one coaching was a real success, in great part due to your fantastic listening skills.

Engineering consultancy firm

I very much appreciated your use of creative strategies to help me explore my goals through better understanding of my feelings and the required actions. You have an extremely positive, non judgemental and intuitive approach.

RC, trainer and consultant

Colleagues observed that I was selling on to existing clients with rigour and success. Coaching helped me to recognise my own strengths at selling; and also gave me a focus for fine tuning my listening and questioning skills. The proof is in the results – I was able to secure £100,000 of business in 10 weeks from two important clients.

AN, global consulting firm

I certainly did find the ‘Emergent Knowledge’ approach useful. This week I have been thinking or rather noticing what gives me energy and an excited feeling… and what doesn’t.

DB, independent trainer and consultant

It really did surprise me how strongly I felt about the need for space and time to… allow myself to enjoy things: moving to the different spaces was very powerful.

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